Green Corridor: Lafayette Avenue, Hunts Point, Bronx, NY
The Gaia Institute has developed, in collaboration with Leonard J. Strandberg & Associates, designs for a stormwater capture system for a six-block section of Lafayette Avenue running from Hunts Point Avenue at the apex of the hill to Edgewater Road. directly adjacent to the properties that border the Bronx River. Based on the forces in the soil capillary system which hold and move water to plant roots, this system provides a variety of benefits by diverting street runoff into man-made aquifers and planter beds that supply rich soils and native plant communities designed to filter pollutants and mitigate stormwater. Through evapotranspiration and groundwater flow, storm inputs to the combined sewer system will be diminished. Moreover, environmental, aesthetic and property values along the corridor will be enhanced.
The links below provide further information on the exact specifications of the project design and runoff analysis:
Green Corridor: Lafayette Avenue Hunts Point, Bronx, NY
(Photo: Lafayette Avenue corridor BEFORE)
(Rendering: Lafayette Avenue corridor AFTER)
(Image: An aerial view of the Green Corridor project location)
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